Well, that was good. Yesterday's Flash Sale did what it was supposed to and cleared out a lot of lots. I will be making up new lots, on the list, over the next few days to re-fill the shelves. 

Thank you to all those of you that helped to deplete the amount of Meccano we will have to move to our new home. Keep an eye out for new listings over the coming days.


Moving Madness!


After a couple of years of talking about it, we are getting close to moving! We have found a new house we hope to buy, and we are now trying to rid ourselves of as much 'stuff' as we can. After the best part of forty years living in the same house, that is a lot of stuff! So, do yourself (and me!) a favour and take advantage of this one-time insane sale!

Before I list any new lots, I want to clear some of the existing lots so, in a fit of madness, I have decided to have a quick Flash-Sale and offer all current items in the Lots List at a 50% discount for a very limited period.

*50% off Ralph's Lots until midnight tomorrow (6th November 2018) when you select over £100 worth of lots. That means, for example, if you choose £120 worth of lots, you will only pay £60 plus shipping, and if shipped to the UK, that shipping will just be £3.00, no matter how much you buy.  

Click HERE to go to the list!



More new stuff to choose from!

I have just added some more lots to the Lots List, including more gears and some exciting brass parts. There is also the start of another new section this week, called Multi-pack Parts. This will not be a huge section, but it will give us somewhere to list a small selection of common, but useful, parts in small packs. The first part to feature here is the rod and strip connector, part No.212. I remember this part in my very first Meccano set. I only had one, and I could have done with a few more. There were only four of them included in a 1950s No.10 set! In recent years, a lot of the not-so-common parts have been included in the sets made in the late 1990s and 2000s. We spend a couple of decades buying these sets both new and secondhand whenever we found them at reasonable prices. The result is we now have a good stock of parts such as the rod and strip connector. We will be adding a few more parts to the section over the coming days/weeks, as time allows. 

If motors are your thing, then take a look over on the Motor City section where I have been adding a few more clockwork motors and restocked the 3V and 6V modern motors.

If you are looking for modern fixings at a great price look HERE, where you will find a bulk pack of standard nuts and bolts at an unbelievable price!

Don't forget; you will still get a 20% discount on all items ordered from the Lots List section when you spend over £20.00 (in that section). On top of that, if we are sending the order to a UK address, you will not pay any more than £3.00 shipping no matter how much you buy! Take a look at the whole list from the bottom up for a change, click HERE!

You do not need a PayPal account to buy from Ralph' See HERE for details of how to pay by credit or debit card through our secure payment checkout - it is easy, and it is safe!


New stuff added to the shop today!

Lots of new stuff added to several sections today. I have been sorting out the last of the evolution Fixings and have gathered all the sweepings to make up six lots (prefixed SW) in the Specials section. These are all I can find, so I have added nuts to several of the lots and thrown in a few extra to make sure the numbers are correct or over that stated. These fixings are all in either unused or lightly used condition. There is only one of each lot, and when they are gone, there will not be any more, at least, I can't find any more!

I have also listed a whole lot of those yellow storage boxes, again in the Specials section. These were supplied with those horrible space sets of the early 1980s, but the boxes and their large plate lids have been useful ever since. We have about twenty of them, but again, once they are gone, there will be no more!

I have also listed some 3V and 6V motors in the Motor City section. These are supplied with all the captive nuts and fully assembled, ready for you to supply the batteries.

On top of all this, I am building a new section of Modern Parts these are listed as single parts, but the more you buy, the cheaper they get. Buy more than £10 worth of the same part and get a 10% reduction) It will take a bit of time to get a good selection listed as there are so many colours available. Most, if not all these metal parts are powder coated and can easily be resprayed, by merely keying the surface with abrasive paper and applying paint of your preferred colour. If there are any modern parts (modern parts are those supplied in sets up to the time when Spin Master bought Meccano), please contact me as we have a good supply, just not listed yet! We do not have or supply any of the new, current plastic parts supplied in the ultra-modern sets of today.

Over on the Lots List, I have listed a good few new lots to add to the selection. There are some new black lots and the ever popular gears and sprockets.

Don't forget, if you spend over £20 from my LOTS section you will save 20% on them!



Discounts are back!

Orders over £20 will automatically attract a 20% discount on items purchased from the Lots List

Order over £30 from the Fixings section and you will save 30%!

For a limited time, all items listed on the Lots List section will be discounted by 20% at the checkout, automatically, so long as the order exceeds £20. All items listed on the Fixings section will be discounted by 30% at the checkout, automatically, so long as the order exceeds £30.

The discount does not apply to the shipping cost, which for the UK will remain at a maximum of £3.00!

We have done all the hard work for you, just put as many (or as few!) products into your shopping basket and the discount will be applied automatically so you will be able to see what discount you are getting and the cost of shipping before you pay.

So, don't hang about, grab a bargain today!



Hi Folks,

A quick update for you... All the problems of yesterday are now behind us and I have just started to add a few things to the shop. So far, a few new bits and pieces have been added to the Lots List and I have topped up the Specials section. More to be added over the next few days!


Having a little trouble today...

Several of you have asked what happened to the new listings for today, well...

Today started off with my e-mail not working. After a lot of mucking about and transatlantic phone calls (call centre is in the USA) I managed to sort that out. No sooner had I got that working, than my photographic software decided to throw a tantrum and kept asking for a disc. As it is all cloud-based these days, that is a nonsense. After much key-tapping, more phone calls and a lot of blue air, I think I have it is working again. 

The upshot of all this is I am a bit later than I planned with the shop update. It may now run over to tomorrow but I will let you know when it has finished. So far I have been able to set up the new section, but unfortunately I have only been able to add one new item so far.

In the meantime, the Lots list is looking a bit thinner, thanks to last weekend's discount special, but there is still a lot left if you fancy a ponder. I have cleaned off all the shelves to make way for the new lots I am in the middle of processing. They will be uploaded over the next 24 hours, again I will let you know when it has been done, cyber problems permitting.

Why does it all go wrong when there are very few people around to help? Never mind, although most of the day has now gone, it seems to be woking now... Fingers crossed! 


Discounts end at Midnight tomorrow!

Last chance to get discounts on Ralph's Lots, Motors and Fixings.


(At midnight BST)

Time to get your orders in before the discounts end.

It is not all bad news, on Sunday we will be cleaning out the dead stock and now we have room there will be lots of new lots added as well as a new section! You will have to wait until Sunday to find out what!

Any orders placed before the discount deadline will not be shipped until Tuesday (it is a bank holiday in England and Wales on Monday) so if you want to add to your order on Sunday and Monday, from the new items, we will combine the orders and refund any shipping difference.


40% sale - EXTENDED - for an extra 24 hours only!

Due to unprecedented demand, SALE EXTENDED!

40% off Ralph's Lots when you spend £100 or more!

Choose £100 worth of lots from the Lots list and pay only £60!

Yes for the next few hours You CAN STILL SAVE BIG when you spend big on the Lots List! Don't delay, this is a one time offer just to clear some of the lots that have been around for a while.

Offer must end at noon Monday 20th August 2018 BST.


40% sale - 24 hours only!

40% off Ralph's Lots when you spend £100 or more!

Choose £100 worth of lots from the Lots list and pay only £60!

Yes for the next few hours you can save big when you spend big on the Lots List! Don't delay, this is a one time offer just to clear some of the lots that have been around for a while.

Offer ends at noon Sunday 19th August 2018 BST.

Also! More Evolution fixings now available!