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Now, we are on to the interesting stuff!

Among the new listings on the Lots List today, you will find a listing for a good selection of Meccano's Dinky Builder. I have hunted around and put all I could find together in one lot. The lot includes lots of joining rods and a couple of the rod removal tools. Complete with a couple of manuals this will make a good lot as a starter or to complement existing collection.

Lots more to see, go and have a browse through the sections. New listings include bulk packs of Spacer Washers in various colours - more colours will be added over the next few days, but if there is a colour not listed, please let me know, and I will see if I can help.


Take a look down the list and check out the XX lots. Several have reappeared as we have restocked them. They don't show up in the 'New product' e-mails as there are not new items and easily missed.


Cold Meccano...

It seems like the worst of the weather is over, at least for us Southerners. Slowly the Meccano is warming up and not so cold to the touch. Now there is no excuse not to have a rummage around the shop and pick up a few bits and pieces to complement your existing stock.

We are now adding lots of modern Meccano part to our selection as well as the old favourites from the traditional range. Our FREE WORLDWIDE shipping 'offer' has become standard now, so if you spend over £100 we will ship your goods free of charge anywhere in the world that does not attract a 'remote area surcharge, and even if you do live in such a place the shipping is still free we will only charge you the extra surcharge amount!

So, go and have a rummage and place that order - you know you want to!


You do not need a PayPal account to shop at!

It has come to our attention that some customers are not aware that you do not need to use PayPal to buy from If you would rather pay by credit or debit card you can! There is an option to pay by card at the checkout. I admit, it is not very obvious but it is there. For details and a screen-shot of the checkout screen showing where to pay by card, see HERE. You will not be charged any extra, however you choose to pay (we never have charged you for paying us!)

If you have not looked lately we have been adding lots of new items to the Lots List and stocking up some of the multiple listings (marked XX) that have been showing sold out. Don't neglect the older listings you can look at the list showing the older items first by clicking HERE, there are some bargains to be had there like hinges and shock absorbers, to name but two!

We are also offering


When you spend over £100.00


The Lots list has over 200 items again!

Yes, we have been stocking up the shelves, and the Lots List is showing well over 200 listings again. There are all sorts of things to be found there from Gears and Brassware to Strips and Plates. 

Don't forget we offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on all orders over £100! We are never closed and most of the time orders are shipped next day - no waiting around for weeks!

Why not take a look at the list from the other end? The list can be viewed in either ascending or descending order so instead of looking at what's new, try looking at what you might have missed by clicking  HERE!  



Lots more Meccano 'Lots' added today!

Lots more Meccano Lots added to the list today, Including multiple lots of Flexible plates and lots more interesting and unusual items.

Now, how's that for keeping it brief?



I only have one of these...


The Meccano Geared Roller Bearing was the most expensive Meccano, 'numbered' part when it was introduced and found fame in such models as the iconic Blocksetter that graced the cover of the manuals in our smaller sets. It was not made for many years and became one of the most sought-after parts by adult modellers who could not afford one as a child. In more recent years Metallus went one further and produced their upgraded version of the bearing, larger (12½ inches in diameter) and running on Twenty four real bearings.

I am pleased to tell you that I have one of these bearings for sale, boxed and complete, and I will ship it WORLDWIDE, FREE! More details HERE.

I have also added some other Mettallus/Märklin lots, to the list and will be adding more shortly - see HERE. There is not much of this stuff and most of it is in single lots, once it has gone that will be it. 


Happy New Year!

Yes, I know I am a bit late, but this is my first news item of the year. I have added some more Lots List today and had a bit of a sort out and clear up. Lots of good stuff on the lots list to be had so don't just look at the latest items turn the list upside down and take a look from the other end (click here!) - you will be amazed how much you might have missed.

Last month the UK government banned the credit card surcharge that most retailers charge for using a credit card. So now, a lot of them have looked to make back that money in different ways. WE HAVE NEVER CHARGED OUR CUSTOMERS for using credit cards or PayPal so we will not be increasing any of our prices or shipping costs. We also offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on orders over £100.00 GBP

No matter where you live in the world, the shipping will be free, if you spend over £100.00. If you live in the middle of nowhere and the international couriers add a surcharge (you know who you are!), we will still ship the goods free of charge, but we will ask you to pay the additional 'remote delivery' cost. From memory, we have only had one customer who lives in such a place that his delivery incurred an additional charge.

We have just discovered a few more motors and battery boxes in our vast stock of parts. These have come from sets we bought over a very long period of buying from various sources. There is a limit to how many motors we needed as we would not usually keep models assembled so we would put the motors to one side. We now have dozens and dozens of them, mostly (if not all) unused. We are selling them off at silly prices just to clear them on LOT Number 6746. They do not have any bolts with them, but at this price, they are a cracking good deal. Colour choice is ours, at this price we want to clear them. Individually colour selection complete with nuts and bolts are listed singularly HERE.

If you can't find what you want, try using the search box. You can enter a keyword and any listing that includes that word will be listed. For example, enter the word 'Gear' and all the listings of gears will appear, see HERE, or try searching the word 'Brass and you will get THIS. Have fun and keep popping back to see what's new!


Lots more parts added to the lots list this week!

More unusual and interesting lots added to the list this week including a good selection of gears and some of the harder to get items such as Hub Discs, original tyres and modern coloured flexible plates. I have added 3/8 inch Steel Balls in packs of 20, some Screwed Rod and lots more. 

Don't forget if you order value is over £100.00 I will SHIP WORLDWIDE FREE OF CHARGE! Yes that is anywhere in the world, except the surcharged middle of nowhere places (you know who you are) but even then I will only charge the surcharge, not the basic shipping!

Also, it is not all about the lots list. Follow THIS link and check out the front page of the shop that has also been updated this week.



Free worldwide shipping offer continues!

Yes, it must be the time of year, but I am still offering FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on all shop-listed orders over £100! There's lots to see and especially on the lots list. Interestingly a lot of the older lost have been selling recently. I think these tend to get forgotten as the list shows the latest additions first, by default. You can invert the list by changing the view option, at the top,right of the list, from descending to ascending, or just click HERE

We still have a few motors left at three for a fiver, and check out our multiple lots suffixed XX.

New items are being added regularly so keep popping back to see what new. I have a few heavy items that I can't offer under the free shipping banner, like the caterpillar track set (now sold) that I will put out as specials over the coming days, but more of that later in the week.


Lots more added to the lots list!

I have been adding some more interesting items to the lots list today. including some more gear selections and some nice red hub discs as well as lots of other interesting lots. Don't forget to take advantage of our other items for sale in the shop, step in the frond door and brows the other sections HERE. I have been topping up the Fixings and I have even added some more stuff to the Pound Shop!

Our FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING offer continues. We are offering free shipping on all orders over £100.00 to anywhere in the world.

Just order as many items that are listed in the shop as you wish, and so long as they add up to over £100.00, you will not pay any shipping wherever you live! Because we do not charge any other fees the price listed is all you will pay. So, go to the Shop and start selecting whatever you would like, to make an order value of over £100.00 and we will ship it ANYWHERE in the world FREE OF CHARGE. No special codes or questions to trip you up - it is all automatic.