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Mainly black - and a bit of yellow...

I have been listing a good selection of new lots today and over the past week or so. Dive straight in and take a look HERE. Today's lots seem to be mainly black parts, not a conscious decision, just the way it worked out, All the parts listed today, are either unused or have very light use. What's the yellow? You will have to go and have a look!

Among the listings today I have started listing some lots of the new gears that were to be found in the ill-fated Evolution series. Some of which are not easy to find. I also have a very limited number of the micro UJ found only in the Rescue Helicopter set! 

While on the site, why not take a look at the list from the bottom up, just for a change? In this view, you will be looking at the items that were listed first in numerical order. You never know you might spot something you missed! 


Stainless Steel Parts Listed!

Just a quick heads-up to say I have just listed a selection of stainless steel parts including long, and not so long, Channel Girders and Flat Plates. All lots are one-offs, and once they are gone that is it, there will not be anymore. To see the listings take a look at the latest additions to the Lots List.

Don't forget there are plenty more lots to see on the list so take a good look while you are at it and don't forget, UK buyers only pay £3.00 shipping regardless of the size and weight of your purchase! That is it, nothing else to pay, no charges for using credit cards or PayPal.


Welcome to all the new folks!

I just thought I would hello to all of the new subscribers that have signed up recently and point out a few things you may not have been aware of. The main section of the shop is the Lots List and here you will find well over 200 listings. Everything from gears and brassware to strips and plates. Some of these listings are multiple lots, meaning there is more than one lot available. These lots are suffixed with 'XX' to find these lots just enter XX into the search box and they will appear. To demonstrate, just click HERE and you will see what I mean.  

You can use the search box to find all sorts of things. If you enter Black you will be shown all the lots that are made up from black parts. If you enter Red something odd happens. You will see a list of fixings at the top of the list. This is because the letters 'r-e-d' are contained in lots of other words. Just scroll down the list and all the lots containing red parts will appear - see HERE.

There are plenty of other places to look around such as the Fixings section, or Motor City where we list lots of motors and allied stuff.

Lots of new items have been added to the lots list to keep the numbers up including lots of gears and brass, so have a good look around, there is bound to be something just waiting for you to snap up.


Lots of new lots added this week!


I have been busy cleaning out all the empty boxes, straightening up the shelves and restocking. I have tried to find some interesting lots this week. Some unusual items including Elektrikit parts and even some genuine Meccano red parts that are more commonly found finished in zinc or green. All this and more you will find on the Lots List

Now is the time to search for something you are after. lots of great stuff is hidden away on the list. as it gets longer it becomes even more worthwhile using the shop's search facility. If you are looking for gears, just type 'gear' (singular and you will find all the listings that include the word gear) Click HERE and see what is there. I will let you play with that now! Just use any key word you can think of. It can be a part, a colour a size or anything else you can think of. 

When you get fed up with the search engine, why not be bold? Walk right in the front door and wander off into one of the other departments, you never know what you will find!


Clean up on multiple lots

It is true that the exotic parts are the ones we crave but in order to build better models it is good stocks of the basic parts that we all need. As time goes on we are compiling many such lots and because of the nature of the list there is a danger of some getting lost. Now is the time to make use of the listings search engine. Typing 'XX' in the search box will reveal not only current multiple listings but all the multi-listings still running. You can also search by name. Type anything in the box and see what you get - you may be surprised. Type 'Evolution' into the box and you will find all the ¼ inch hole spacing parts... Have fun!

We have plenty of the exotic parts as well. Elektrikit lots and even a couple of GRB sets. The current Lots List has just been topped up with some very nice Binns Road medium yellow Flexible Plates, that are in very nice, unused condition. There are also a lot of new and older zinc lots scattered about the list. This stuff is notoriously hard to photograph and most of the pictures do not do the actual listings any credit at all. All our zinc and painted parts that are for sale on the lots list are either very good used or unused. All the not so pretty stuff is sold off in the Pound shop. The stock levels can vary drastically here in this section and it is worth coming back and having a nose around as we are often restocking this section. Also added to the Lots List today are a few more gear selections to get your teeth into - Sorry, couldn't resist that!

While you are about it, don't forget to look at the other sections in the shop. Fixings has all the nuts and bolts you will need to finish your models from all those new parts you have just ordered! We only list modern fixings at the moment but if you want original used, slotted bolts in brass or zinc finish please contact us for details of what we have available. The originals are getting harder and harder to find in reasonable condition. 



Here we go again!

We have been taking it easy here in London for the past few weeks and enjoying the hot weather. But now it is back to the Meccano sales and today I have swept up in the shop and listed a good number of new items on the lots list. Don't forget to have a look at the existing lots - there is bound to be something there for everyone. I have also amended a few prices that were mistakenly marked up with the wrong price. The most obvious one was the girder frames (lot 6516) marked up at £68.00, now priced correctly at £40.00. 

While you are here, don't forget the other departments, Motor City, Fixings and you know you need some more of my string!

Lots more lots will be added this week so keep looking back in and remember you will never pay mor than £3.00 shipping per order to a UK address and neither will we charge you any extra for using a credit card or PayPal to pay for your goods!


Sunday top-up!

Just a very short news today to let you all know I have added the rest of the lots as I said I would on Friday. Lots on black parts today and a few other newer parts. You can find all the latest listing on the Lots List.

While you are there, take a look in the front door and browse the other sections such as Ralph's String - Now available in three thicknesses! I may also be worth a visit to the Fixings section to top up your collection of nuts and bolts.

Don't forget, search "XX" to find the many multiple lots, or just click HERE!


Digger Buckets and Brass...

Now is your chance to be a brass-digger, Sorry, I can't run to gold! Today we have listed on the lots list a couple of digger buckets. Both are finished in grey. One has a few 'issues', as my mate Chris would say, in that some of the tabs that hold it together have been replace with super-glue. It hold okay but may need renewing from time to time. That said it works okay and for a measly twenty quid (£20.00), it should serve you well. If on the other hand you want a decent one I have listed a second one in great condition will all its original tabs and a nice smooth release mechanism. Now you have no excuse not to build that infamous Steam Excavator - with or without the 1929 steam engine. 

I have also listed some useful brass parts and another gear selection that includes the larger gears and one of the much sought after, in my youth, Gear Rings. There are also a few now lots of brass fittings and some bespoke 38t, solid brass contrates.

Don't forget to browse the list, there are all sorts of lots there and a good few circular parts as well as lots of builder's lots of the more common parts. I will be listing all sorts of plates and more gears on Sunday, this week. and as It is Friday today nothing you order tonight will be sent out until Monday so don't hold back, order what you want tonight and you will be able to make another order on Sunday. I will combine the shipping and refund any difference. For the UK that means you will only pay £3.00 and for my overseas customers I will always look for the most economical (and secure) method to send your items, regardless of how the shop's shipping calculator may work it out! All that and we do not charge you for using credit cards or PayPal to make your payment.


Bulk Zinc anyone?

New listings of zinc parts in good quantities, plus some unusual bits ideal for increasing your building stock, have been listed today. Also I have come across a set of eight Girder Frames. All to be found as the latest additions to the Lots list. You may also need a lot of extra nuts and bolts, when you have bought all those new parts, so don't forget to look up our list of Fixings. There you will find standard nuts and bolts as well as genuine Meccano Washers, Locking Nuts, Long Bolts and Pivot Bolts in several sizes. 

The Lots List is getting longer with now around 200 lots available so don't forget to look back over the older lots or have a play with out search facility. Just enter a search word into the box, click on search and a list of all items that include that word will appear. If you enter the word "Gear" you will see all the listings that include the word 'gear' or 'geared' etc. Click HERE to se the results of searching for 'Gear'. The search will hunt through all the listings in the whole shop, not just the lost list. So have fun and get searching!

Finally, just a reminder, if you are wondering why some Items had acquire a XX prefix - see HERE and look for the news item from 3rd June 2017.


XX Suffix and New listings...

You may have noticed that some lots in the Lots List have acquired a XX suffix. No, this is not a form of censorship, it is there to enable the search facility to locate listings of multiple lots. Several of the lots listings can be bought as multiple lots. That is to say, you can order mor then one lot of the same listing, for example I have today listed some red nose cones. Rather than listing a job lot of 13, I have listed them singularly but made 13 lots available. You can now search for multiple lots by entering XX into the search box at any time to see what is currently available or if you want see what is available now, just click HERE.

Apart from having a bit of a tidy up un the motor section I have added a new listing there, so go and take a look at Motor City where you will find plenty of power for your latest creation.

On the Lots List I have been making a few additions  and cleaning out all the old listings and yet there are still getting on for 200 listings for you to browse, have a look back at some of the older listing to see what you have been missing! While you are at it, don't forget the Fixings section where you can but one nut or bolt, or hundreds of them. There is lots more to see in the shop. Just take a trip to the front door and pick a section. I promise, no sales assistant with pester you!