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Motor City

Need some motive power?

Here you will find all sorts of motors from the clockwork motors of our youth to the latest offerings from the Meccano company as we acquire them. The most recent motors we have in stock at the moment are the geared motor and reversing switch unit as salvaged from the Evolution Helicopter set. 

Lots of the modern motors are hard-wired to their switches and or battery boxes. Don't be afraid to get the wire cutters out and modify the wiring to suit.

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Meccano 20V AC Transformer



Dual Controller


MC-658 Meccano E20R Motor

Meccano E20R Motor


MC-657 Meccano E20R Motor

Meccano E20R Motor


MC-656 Clock drive?

Slow drive Magic Motor


MC-654 Clockwork Motor

No.1 reversible Clockwork Motor


MC-653 20V Long-Plate Motor

Older, red, long-plate motor.


MC-652 20V Long-Plate Motor

Red, long-plate motor.


MC-651 20V Long-Plate Motor

Blue, long-plate motor.


6673 XX

Rubber track drive kit.



Large Rubber Track drive kit


MC-650 12V Motor with 19t Pinion/pully plus Worm

Powerful 12V  Motor with special Pinion/Pulley and Worm


MC-646 1a Clockwork motor

Meccano No. 1a Clockwork Motor


MC-634 Faulhaber Geared Motor

Faulhaber Geared Motor


MC-624 Bühler Geared Motor with Pinion

Bühler Geared motor with Pinion


Later Version Remote Control Twin Motor

Later Version Twin 6V motor Remot Control set


Radio Control Chassis and Transmitter

Radio Control Chassis and Transmitter


Later Version Remote Control

Later Version Remot Control


19:1 Ratio Gearbox

19:1 Gearbox

Available in 2 colours

3 Volt Motor and Battery Holder/Switch

3 Volt motors and battery box