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Welcome to the new look,
slimmed down shop!

Over the past couple of years the shop has found its level in the marketplace and a lot of the things we have tried have not taken off as well as we thought (hoped!) they might. The shop has always been a bit of a side-line for us and we have not been able to devote the time and effort required to make it work comprehensively. Nor do we feel there is a big enough market out there for the purchase of individual spare parts of the type we were selling to justify the input.

The shop was set up to move on some of the mass of surplus parts we have accumulated over the years. We did for a while actively accumulate 'stock' for sale but that will now stop. We are still interested in buying Meccano to add to our own building stock, keep what we need and move the rest on through our Lots and Bundles lists.

The new slimmed down shop will concentrate on three main areas. These are Ralph's Lots, our 'own' products and a new section that will be titled Sue's Bundles.

As well as the formal (automated) shop and checkout we are finding that more and more customers prefer to send us a wants list of parts. Most of the time we can fulfil these lists almost immediately if they contain the standard building parts. The popular and not so common parts seem to sell through almost as soon as they are listed. These parts will now be listed as lots and will be sold on a first come, first served basis. I am sorry, but we can't take 'advance' orders for stock of hard to get parts as some people want to buy our entire stock, giving no chance to other enthusiasts. I can understand that, and have done similar in the past, but the idea here is to give everyone a chance. In short, if you want specific parts, ask. Most of the time we will be able to help. Sign up for our updates or keep coming back and having a look at what's new...

Ralph's Lots
This will be much as it has been in the past but it will now contain sets and a good selection of modern parts, that formally would have been sorted into individual items. The lots on this list will be made up from stock that is generally in good order and the sort of condition that we would  be happy to use in our models. The lots list will also include publications, set manuals and any other Meccano-related ephemera, when available, as well as the odd collectors items that we might stumble upon as we buy-in lots to add to our own stock.

Our products
At the moment this consists of Ralph's String and the Exhibition DVDs. This section may grow in the future if we find a gap in the market that needs filling.

Sue's Bundles - coming soon!
Over the years we have amassed a huge selection of what we can only describe as second rate, tatty Meccano. Some of this we refurbish for our own use; the rest of it just sits there. This is the main source of stock for the bundles list - lots of useful parts in need of some attention. All parts are sound - no broken or unserviceable parts are included. Bundles are just that - a selection of parts bundled together to make sensible parcels to make maximum use of Royal Mail's pricing structure.   




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