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We ship all UK orders using Royal Mail 2st Class or a parcel delivery service. We offer a maximum charge of £3.00 for any order, any size.

All international orders are sent using either using Royal Mail Airmail or an international courier. We do our best to find the most economic method of shipping and every effort is made to keep prices to a minimum.

Orders received before 9:30am local time (London, UK) will be shipped the same day whenever possible.

After shipping, orders sent to addresses in the UK should arrive within 2-3 days, orders sent to Europe should arrive after 3–5 working days, and orders sent to the rest of the world should arrive after 5–7 working days. (Experience has shown that parcels will usually arrive sooner.)

The cost of shipping your order will be no more than £3.00 for UK deliveries. For overseas customers ordering large, long, bulky or heavy items, in quantity, the automatic shipping may well estimate a higher than necessary price due to anomalies in the way some couriers price their service. For this reason the pricing structure is based on a worst-case scenario. When shipping costs exceed £50.00 GBP it is always worth asking for a manual quote; we may be able to secure a better deal.

We are not in the courier business and we do not look to make a profit on our shipping costs but we do need to cover not only the cost of postage/shipping but also the cost of packing, and fees, so the prices shown below include these costs.

If you would like your order shipped in a different manner please contact us to make arrangements. We do not take stock to shows for general retail sale, as we attend shows and meetings as participants not traders.

Your location Total weight of items Shipping cost
UK Up to 200g £1.50
  Above 200g £3.00 Fixed Rate
Europe Up to 100g £3.50
  Up to 500g £8.00
  Up to 1kg £12.00
  Up to 1.5kg £15.00
  Up to 2kg £20.00
  Up to 2.5kg £32.00
  Up to 3kg £32.00
  Up to 4kg £35.00
  Over 4kg £40.00
Rest of World Up to 100g £5.00
  Up to 500g £10.00
  Up to 1kg £17.50
  Up to 1.5kg £25.00
  Up to 2kg £32.00
  Up to 2.5kg £39.50
  Up to 3kg £47.50
  Up to 4kg £62.00
  Over 4kg