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Ralph's String

The original Meccano string is hard to come by these days in original hanks. Over the years we have used all sorts of substitutes and we now have a supply of cord that is very close in thickness, and a similar colour, to the original. We are not claiming this is an exact match to the original but we think it makes a good substitute. Sold in 2.5m hanks. It is similar in length to that of the later originals. It is also available in cut lengths, priced per metre.

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Cut length of Black Cord

Black cord, cut length per metre.


Cut length of Green Cord

Green cord, cut length per metre.


Hank of Black Cord

Hank of black cord.


Hank of Green Cord

Hank of green cord.


NEW! Cut length of FINE Black Cord

Black FINE cord, cut length per metre.


NEW! Cut length of THICK Black Cord

Black THICK cord, cut length per metre.