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The Lots list consists of small selections of Meccano bundled into lots. Here you will find many of those unusual and strange bits as well as good selections of the parts we all need to boost our everyday building inventory. Most lots are made up and photographed individually so what you see in the picture is what you are buying, unless otherwise stated. No matter how many lots you buy, the UK shipping will be charged at one flat rate of £3.00 The more you buy the better the Deal!

We will keep topping up the lots as regularly so keep coming back to see what's new!

Want something that is not listed?

If you want parts that are not listed in our shop, please contact us we may be able to help. We don't claim to have everything but we might just have what you you are looking for.


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6460 XX

Meccano Cube

£1.50 each
Available in one colour

6463 XX

Single white cylinder XX

£1.50 Each

6284 XX

Sector Plate - New condition - Several available


6029 XX

Blue Plates



Bargain Motors!

£2.00 – £5.00
Available in 2 quantities

6286 XX

Metal core small Shock Absorbers

£2.50 each
Available in 2 colours

6288 XX

Plastic core large Shock Absorbers

£2.50 each
Available in 3 colours

6203 XX

12x Dark Red Double Bent Strips


6449 XX

95t Gear wheel with threaded boss



One 5½ x 2½ inch Flanged Plate


6488 XX

Red Nose Cone

£3.50 Each

6238 XX

Narrow Bracket Selection - PLEASE NOTE: The photographs do not do these parts any favours. shiny zinc parts are very hard to photograph nicely!



6239 XX

Narrow obtuse bracket selection - PLEASE NOTE: The photographs do not do these parts any favours. shiny zinc parts are very hard to photograph nicely!



6843 XX

Spacer washers - BULK PACKS!

£5.00 – £7.00 Bulk pack of 100
Available in 6 colours

6852 XX

£5.00 For two couplings!

6882 XX

Cheap Collars!

£5.00 12 per lot

6043 XX

Four, 3 inch Pulleys


6050 XX

Four, 3 inch Pulleys



3x Thin plastic Name plates.

£6.00 for all three
Available in one colour


Meccano Slick 'Balloon' tyres and wheels with streamline hub caps

£6.00 Set of four!

6927 XX

10x Healds for Loom. All appear to be original and in great condition - Now you have no excuse, you can build that loom you have always wanted to!


6244 XX

10x Zinc finish 1½ inch x 1½ inch flat plates - PLEASE NOTE: The photographs do not do these parts any favours. shiny zinc parts are very hard to photograph nicely!




Unopened Design motorcycle set. 



Meccano Channel Girders

£6.50 each
Available in 2 colours


Three Piece Wheels


6202 XX

8x Double Obtuse Flanged Plates


6719 XX

Modern sports car wheels and low profile tyres

£8.00 Set of four with fittings
Available in 2 colours

6731 XX

Set of four 2½ x 2½ Flexible plates with clock face decals applied

£8.00 Set of four

6826 XX

Orange Formed girders

£8.00 Set of four!

6827 XX

Silver-greay Formed Girders

£8.00 Set of four!

6681 XX

Evolution series gears selection



Brass finish parts selection



Four wheels tyres and covers



4x Very scarce, 4½ x 4½ inch Plastic Plates


6306 XX

Four blue face plates Wheels

£10.00 per set of four


1929 Steam Engine - Cheap gear replacement solution

£10.00 one only!


Light Red Flanged Plate collection


6464 XX

3x White Boiler Sleeves

£10.00 Set of three


3x Florescent yellow-green Boiler Sleeves

£10.00 Set of three

6528 XX

9-hole black Plastic Strips


6529 XX

9-hole silver-grey Plastic Strips


6530 XX

Bronze Double Obtuse Corner Brackets



Black Contrates and Pinions


6738 XX

12x unused 12½ in Perforated Strips



Funnels, one with stream pipe



Plastic gear selection


6845 XX

7x 3½ x 2½ inch Flexible Plates


6885 XX

4x Plastic 57t gears and 4x Plastic Worms

£10.00 For four pair

6919 XX

Bulk Lot!

20x 1 inch Corner Bracket


6240 XX

Tri-axle Starter with FREE WHEELS!

Available in 2 sizes