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Power supplies and adaptors. These are mainly 'plug-top' adaptors and vary in output. All are 230V AC input and intended for the UK market. Each supply has a standard UK pin arrangement and fitted with the appropriate fuse. Each unit will be tested (PAT) on the day of dispatch and issued with a fitted with a test sticker(s). All units are tested and working. If you were thinking that statement is obvious, yes, an electrical appliance can pass a PAT if it is not working.

Each unit has its output voltage and current handling quoted from the label.

Subject to type, these supplies are suitable for running lights, motors and electrical circuits. Notes in the description are intended for guidance as most of these supplies started life powering something else other than Meccano.

I have left the plugs on the supplies that have them. You can either source a socket for them to incorporate in your models (See HERE) or simply cut the plug off and wire it as you wish.


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3.3 Volt DC - 1.5A (409)

NEW! 3.3 Volt - 1.5A power supply


3.7 Volt DC - 1.5A (408)

Nokia 3.7 Volt DC - 355mA power supply


12 Volt DC - 14.4VA (407)

12 Volt - 14.4VA (1.2A) power supply


12Volt DC - 1250mA (402)

1250mA 12V DC


16v AC - 800mA (406)

NEW! 16 Volt AC Hornby power supply