Bespoke Brass

This section features a selection of lots made up of useful after-market, mainly brass parts, parts such as spacers, couplings, gears and so on. All lots are unique, there are few multiple lots and once they have gone that is it. I have decided to group this lot together to make it easier to find all the lots without having to search through the main lots list.  

All threaded parts are 5/32 BSW (Meccano compatible) Measurements are in millimetres to the nearest 0.1mm.

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6395 XX

Fine tooth bevel gears

£15.00 Pair

BB - 06

Two Large couplings


BB - 08

Fifteen Threaded Couplings


BB - 027

Threaded Spacers - 9.5mm long


BB - 028

Threaded Spacers - 11.1mm long


BB - 029

Threaded Spacers - 11.1mm long