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New lots listings!

Boy, it is hot here in the UK this weekend. I am not complaining, but it does make sorting, photographing and listing the lots hard work. I am sure that there are alot of you out there in warmer climes who think nothing of heat up in the mid to high twenties (Celsius), but here in the UK it is a bit of an event! So now I have made you all feel guilty, all you have to do is buy all my lots to make it all worthwhile!

Joking aside, I have found some interesting stuff to add to the Lots List today including a selection of Pulley Blocks including a couple of the much harder to find 2-sheave versions one original and one reproduction. These are one of the parts that I think have been improved upon as a reproduction as they feature solid brass pulleys giving the block a good bit of extra weight. 

I have also listed a whole lot of cylinders, there are a couple of lots of brightly coloured ones which are just listed as one-off lots as well as a lot of white ones (from the concord sets) listed as individuals so you can buy as many as you want.

Matt black Meccano has been popular and I have listed some more collections, mainly the not so common parts. Black Meccano seems to be popular as it can be incorporated into any other colour scheme without looking out of place.  Most, if not all, of it is in unused  or very lightly used condition. 

There is lots more to buy further down the list. You can just browse the list or use the search box to find the sort of thing you are looking for. Enter the word 'Brass' for example and THIS is what you will see. Although the Lots List is the most lively section of the shop, don't forget the other sections such as the fixings section and my String Shop


New and old stock...

Yes, I have been adding more lots to the list but I think it is about time to remind you of some of the gems basking away further down in the list. There are still a few of the light green parts available and there are lots of gears here and there and what about some clean plates? You can of course, just brows the pages or you could use the search box in the left hand column. Pick a word, enter it in the box and Hey-Presto. All the listings that contain that word will appear. Give it a try, it works a treat!

Now, how about that new stuff. Today I have added a selection of flanged plate lots in various colours and some new gears and sprocket lots, as well as a very nice selection of medium yellow Binns Road production, Flexible Plates. But don't take my word for it pop along to the lots list and see for yourself.


Lots to get your teeth into today! - Again!

If this is the second News e-mail you have had this week, please accept my apologies. We had a server problem last night and not all the News and product updates were successfully sent. If you did no receive yesterdays' News update you can read it HERE, where it will appear below this one. I have added a couple of new listings today, including hinges - plenty of them! You will find them along with all the recent listings on the Lots List.


Lots to get your teeth into today!

Sorry, I couldn't resist that, after looking at the recent lots added to the Lots list. There are Rack Strips, gear ring s and some more very nice and clean sprockets and chain, and that is just for starters. There is a nice set of Nickle plated Rack segments in nice condition, for their age, and, how about some non standard size bits - Large and small gear rings anyone? How about a pair of 7½ inch circular girders? It is all there for the taking.

I have also been listing some of the evolution parts over the past week. Take a look back down the list to see all the new listings, not just the ones from today.

Lots of stuff being listed constantly so don't just wait for my news e-mails, keep popping back daily to see what's new in all the departments. Although the Lots list is the most popular place to be, don't forget to visit the rest of the shop too. Try walking in the front door and having a look around - You can even have a cup of tea while you're shopping!

Click HERE to go to the front of the shop!


A good variety of lots!

A huge number of new lots have been added over the past week or so and today I have added even more. There are listings to please everyone. Plenty of brassware and gears in both the Lots List and our new section, Bespoke Brass

If it is very nice clean parts you are after, check out the flexible plates on offer in the Lots list. You will find them in black, silver grey and light red as well as a couple of lots of genuine Binns Road Meccano production medium yellow plates of exceptional quality hard to fine these days. To go with them, check out our listings of zinc finish parts. The pictures really don't do the listings Justice, the parts are all bright and shiny - which makes them very hard to photograph nicely. You will find plenty of listings back down the list. I have cleaned out a lot of the sold items so you don't have to negotiate your way through pages of sold stock. There will be odd listings showing sold items. These are items that have sold between my shop-tidying sessions.

I have also listed, for the first time, some of the ¼ inch hole spacing parts as a lot. Several lots are available so you can buy multiple lots, if you can afford them, that is! Yes, I am sorry but they are not cheap, but my price is lower than others out there and I have stock of them. Don't forget, if it is listed for sale it is in stock, and always check for multiple quantities. Many of the lots are one-offs but if we have larger quantities of the same parts, we often list multiple lots, this can be identified by the live stock control figures in the listings  'in stock' If no quantity is shown it usually means it is a one off listing. I say "usually" as it could be that I have forgotten to enter the number available!  


Light Red Plates, Nameplates and more!

Lots of new listings have been added today so much so I will not waffle on here, just follow THIS link and see for yourself!

How's that for short and very sweet?





New Listings and new section!

Today we have cleared out the west-wing of our extensive virtual shop and had the builders in to construct a whole new section - Bespoke Brass. This is where all those after-market brass parts will be displayed. By nature these are all one off lots once they are gone, they are gone. There are lots of unique and interesting lots to be snapped up so don't think about it too long, they will not be there for ever. 

Over on the Lots List we have just added a whole lot of new stuff including gears, brass bits, some Meccano Nameplates and more. There is a lot going on at the moment and we are adding listings constantly throughout the day and evenings over the next few days. You can keep up to date by adding 'Shop Products' to your subscription HERE. But, in the interest of not bombarding you with e-mails we only send out a maximum of one e-mail per day. Keep popping back to the lists during the day to see what has been added.

Don't forget to have a look around at the other sections. We are always adding stuff to those as well. Have a look at our newly tidied up and swept out main entrance, you won't find any stray nuts on the floor there, but you will find plenty of fixings in, yes you've guessed it - The Fixings section.


Hot Lots for a hot day!

Elektrikit!Lots more good lots added today with some good selections of gears and brass fittings being added to the Lots List. There is also a good selection of Elektrikit Parts to get the sparks flying. I am still working on the new parts section and it should be live next week, all being well. Don't forget to have a good look around the other sections of the shop such as the Fittings area where you will find bot only standard nuts and bolts bit locking nuts, long bolts and washers! over on Motor City there are a few nice motors awaiting 'rehomeing'.

If you are not sure where to start, go and jump in the front door and have a look at what we have for sale this week!



Huge tyres anyone?

Sue and I have decided to sell our entire Meccano collection - See my blog post HERE.


A good mix of new lots have been added over the past few days including a pair of enormous tyres that would make great tractor tyres for those who like a big model! You will find the tyres HERE. Another item worth mentioning is Shock absorbers. I have now listed three types and for now you can find them in the lots list. I will be adding a Modern Parts section soon that will include a lot of the more useful parts that have been produced by Meccano over the past twenty years or so.

I have also uncovered some more grey plates in what looks like mainly unused condition and a box full of nice yellow strips and angle girders that appear to be similar in colour to the highway Multikit parts but powder coated. I have listed a few lots to start with, again in the lots list.

I know most of the exciting stuff is happening in the lots list but don't neglect the other sections of the shop. Motor City is bursting with very nice geared and non-geared motors both genuine Meccano and other superbly engineered offerings all mounted to make them Meccano Compatible. Today I have listed a few interesting clockwork motors for you to ponder over. I can still remember getting my first Magic Motor, all those years ago, and rushing home from school with ideas in my head of what I was going to build - Happy days!

Keep coming back as I am adding more listings all the time, I only send out a news item once or twice a week so as not to fill up your inbox. If you have come here from a forum post, or another recommendation, don't forget to sign up for our e-mail subscriptions HERE so you will not miss anything exciting!


Now for some of the good stuff...

Sue and I have decided to sell our entire Meccano collection - See my blog post HERE.

Lots of Eccentrics listed today and some very good and unusual selections of gears. A couple of large selections should be hard to resist. Check out what's new on the lots List. I have also listed a few Steam Engines, including the light red one I completely rebuilt, and refinished in a colour it was never available in. The price reflects the work involved and there is a link in the listing to a step by step account of the work carried out.

You will also find on the lots List a lot of interesting items including a couple of complete GRBs, lots of our nice clean zinc and a whole lot more. If it is motors you seek, take a look at the huge collection of motors currently listed in Motor City. You will find all sorts of motors there including some very nicely engineered motors from around the word. all motors are either mounted on plates already or are completely ready for use. No messing about truing to make them fit. They all have Meccano compatible shafts or have specially made sleeves or brassware to make them 100% ready to go.

More items are being added regularly, we have a lot to get through. As ever is you want something that is not listed - just ask. More often than not we can help. 

If you have not done so already, make sure you are subscribed to the e-mail notification list HERE, in order not to miss a single thing.