40% sale - 24 hours only!

40% off Ralph's Lots when you spend £100 or more!

Choose £100 worth of lots from the Lots list and pay only £60!

Yes for the next few hours you can save big when you spend big on the Lots List! Don't delay, this is a one time offer just to clear some of the lots that have been around for a while.

Offer ends at noon Sunday 19th August 2018 BST.

Also! More Evolution fixings now available!


More black fixings and the discounts continue!

I have just added some more fixing to the limited number of Evolution fixings (black) we have in stock. Once these packs are gone I will not be able to make up any more. I will have some of the more common fixing left and I will be making those up as individual lots over the weekend.

In the meantime, don't forget that the discounts are still being applied to the Lots List, Motors and Fixings sections as detailed in the section headers and the News page


Even more discounts and new section

The clear-out continues, we are making a real effort to shift the remaining stock. Yes, we will continue to list new lots over the coming days and weeks but we need to make space. the more we can shift the less we have to pack up ready to move!

Today I have slashed the price of the Power Supplies by half. These are compact and mostly plug straight in to the mains. All will be P.A. Tested before shipping and are ideal for running models at meetings, exhibitions, shows or even just at home.

New Section

Five or six years ago, just before the Spin Master buy-out of Meccano. The French factory developed a whole new evolution in Meccano building. The most obvious feature of this series was the ¼ inch hole spacing. The other thing that made these sets attractive to us at the time was the fact that a good number of the fixing were black.

Now for the first time, there was a whole range of black, hex-head, fixings that included Nuts as well as Pivot Bolts and Long Bolts. There were also standard bolts in black, although these were available in the long defunct Motion/Multikits, these new fixings have the more desirable cheese-head profile as opposed to the dome-head of the original bolts.

You will find the new listing HERE, Tomorrow. These are not very common and availability is limited. Sue and I managed to buy a good selection of the sets before they disappeared, but even so there is not a huge stock of fixings to show for it. 

Prices are slightly higher than for the standard fixings, but that is due to the fact that we have very limited stocks. Nuts will not be available without bolts (otherwise we will be left with all bolts and no nuts - and we can't have that!) Evolution Fixings will be listed tomorrow, so, don't delay, the listings will be all the stock we have.

In the meantime, take a look at the bargains to be had on the Lots List. There are still plenty of gears and brassware - there is even a Gear Ring or two to be had at a bargain price, once the discount has been applied. The discount will be applied at the check out and, on the sections that discount applies, it will be calculated automatically. You will only pay 80% of the stated price, so long as you buy at least £10 worth of parts at list price! 



The discounts continue!

Not only is there a 20% discount on all orders from the Lots List, Motors and Fixings if you spend £10 or more, there is now a larger discount of 40% on fixings when you spend £100 or more before the discount is applied. That means if you order £100 worth of fixings, the shop will automatically apply a £40 discount meaning you will only pay £60! How is that for a bargain?

If you find that the shop is showing inefficient stock of a particular fixing, please e-mail us as we probably have stock that is not yet packeted.

I am still adding new lots to the Lots List. Pricing is following the same structure it has always done and for now, the 20% discount applies to new lots, as well as the existing lots. See the Lots List from the other end!


20% Discount on Ralphs Lots, Motors and Fixings!

Orders over £10 will automatically attract a 20% discount on items purchased from any of these three sections!

Yes, It is time to thin down our stock, and the best way to do that is to offer it to you at a cheaper price. For a limited time, all items listed on the Lots List, the Motors and Fixing sections will be discounted by 20% at the checkout, automatically, so long as the order exceeds £10. The discount does not apply to the shipping cost, which for the UK will remain at a maximum of £3.00!

We have done all the hard work for you, just put as many (or as few!) products into your shopping basket and the discount will be applied automatically so you will be able to see what discount you are getting and the cost of shipping before you pay.

So, don't hang about, grab a bargain today!


First new lots for a while...

Good afternoon Meccano people!

As you can see I am feeling much better now and starting to sort out some more lots. I have just added a few items to the Lots List and will be adding more over the weekend. For now I thought I would remind you of a few items that we have on the multiple lots listings (all marked with the XX suffix) that may be worth a look. Lot 6452, for example is for six hinges is just one of them. Look HERE to see a selection of the XX lots.

I have also amended (lowered!) some prices of a few lots that have been hanging about for a while so it will be worth taking a second look further down the list.

Don't forget, we are still offering free worldwide shipping on all orders over £100. Most of the time we will dispatch same day or within 1 working day.

You can pay by PayPal or credit/debit card and we have never charged a surcharge for using ant form of payment we accept. Even though we have a PayPal merchant account, you do not have to have a PayPal account to shop with us see HERE for details.


Working up a sweat...

Good evening all,

I have just been through the whole lots list getting rid of the dead wood and having a good old sweep up. Now the list is nice and clean and everything on the list is in stock. Now would be a great time to to have a good look though to see if there is anything that takes your eye.

To take a look from the top to the bottom, click HERE.

To take a look from the bottom to the top, click HERE.

I have been preoccupied of late with visits to the doctor and have not had the enthusiasm to be too pro-active, but all that has changed now and I am on the mend, or at least not getting any worse. I suppose that is what I get for not going to the doctor in 22 years! I had no idea it was that long. I will start listing more Meccano soon, but I could do with reducing the list to make room for some more, so don't be shy you know you will find something you will like.

Happy Meccanoing!